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Given the international nature of our readership we offer the two alternatives.
Please do take careful note of from which you are ordering. For example,
book availability is not always the same on opposite sides of the Atlantic
and make sure you check any international postage costs.

Also, I've recently been seeing some very strange behaviour on the
Amazon.com web site, especially during the North American night.
Try your "Refresh" button and see what happens. Sorry; it's outside our control.

Lake District books from Amazon.com


Lake District books from Amazon.co.uk


Lake District Book Miscellanies

Click below for a variety of Lake District and related books

from Amazon.com

from Amazon.co.uk

or check these international book dealer networks
(The books you find here could vary between frightfully expensive antiquarian
first editions and affordable guidebooks, new and old, plus a wide variety of
surprises, and books you've never heard of before. For a lover of the Lakes
there'll always be something of interest)



On our Squidoo lens about the Lake District
("lens" is Squidoo's term for a page) you'll find some
different books from those we've highlighted here.
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